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"" delightful and profound..."

What happens when we reach the point of no return?

William Williams is the local Butcher; but at 7 ‘ o’clock every night he takes off his bloody apron, opens up the doors of the family Dolls House and entertains us with tales of a World gone mad. With stories of cavorting Germans, ill-used clothes pegs, burning books, exploding big toes, and remote-control inflatable dolls, William will tell us…” It’s just like homeopathy… a little bit of bad news does you good.”


Following on from the acclaimed success of The Castle Builder, Vic Llewellyn returns with A Little Death, a one-man show about mass hysteria. With original songs from Kid Carpet, very tiny objects, torches, and an invisible Gorilla.

“Hilarious, tender, moving, beautifully written, beautifully crafted, bonkers, odd, impressionistic. A crazy journey about love death, grief, nostalgia, time, belonging and being a man (really, all that!) and the wonderful and eccentric things good dads who love you do. It has the biggest heart of any show I’ve seen in years.” – Lucy Catherine (Gudrun- BBC, Stan Lees’ LUCKY MAN -Netflix)

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 “A Little Death feels like – something that next year, and in ten years as well, will be a text you buy in the National Theatre bookshop, that will be a common reference, that students will be discussing in seminar rooms around the country.”

Lilith Wozniak – Exeunt Magazine.

....a compact masterpiece of storytelling that unfolds again and again like origami.- Bristol 24/7

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