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THE CASTLE BUILDER by Vic Llewellyn & Ki

Exeunt (Maddy Costa):

“.it holds its audience, tenderly, in the palm of its hand, lifts us to the stars, then places us gently back down on earth, with a reminder that there’s always time to live better.”

The Fix   ****

“Funny, educational and most importantly, inspiring.”


Vic Llewellyn & Kid Carpet

Directed by Richie Smith & Emma Williams

“A hard-rocking adventure to the outer limits of creativity.”

Suitable for age 12+

 The Castle Builder is an emotional and hard rocking journey into the hearts and souls that exist on the outer limits of creativity and building regulations.

It tells the true story of an inmate in a Norwegian psychiatric institute who over 5 years built a castle on a remote headland.

The show spirals outwards from personal accounts into tales of other outsider artists who’ve been inspired to build gigantic extraordinary structures, alone, in secret, and without artistic validation from the real world.

Vic Llewellyn and Kid Carpet re-imagine these stories and tell them with visceral live music, dancing, projection & heartfelt storytelling and chewed bread sculptures.

The show also includes the presence of an invited maker/artisan who constructs during the duration of the piece and presents something unique to the audience at the climax of the show.

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